Congratulations to Edward Waters College!

The EWC Tigers are getting a big upgrade.  Edward Waters College President and former Sheriff Nat Glover, Mayor Lenny Curry and several members of the Jacksonville City Council announced an $8,000,000 grant for Jacksonville’s historically black college.  Under the Safe Neighborhoods initiative, the money will be used to build new dorms and improve heating and air-conditioning on campus.

Edward Waters College was founded the year after the Civil War and has educated countless black students in its over 150 year history, mostly during an era when blacks were not allowed to attend other colleges.  Today’s EWC has a mostly black student body but has students of all races.  It’s known for teacher training and certification.  Go Tigers!!!

Police say tennis Superstar Venus Williams is “at fault” in an accident that cost a man his life

Please keep tennis player Venus Williams and the family of a man who lost his life in a car accident in your prayers.  The big sister of the Williams sisters tennis duo is said to be responsible for a car accident in South Florida where 78-year-old Jerome Barson died of head injuries.  Williams told police she entered an intersection on a green light but had been forced to stop midpoint by traffic ahead of her, triggering the collision. She was traveling at 5 mph when she entered the intersection. Palm Beach Gardens police say the crash remains under investigation.

Williams, who has a home in Palm Beach Gardens, has not been cited or charged nor was she under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Williams has offered her sympathy to the Barson family. “This is an unfortunate accident, and Venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one.”

Former First Lady Michelle Obama pays tribute to Chance the Rapper at BET Awards

In case you missed it, Chance the Rapper was awarded the BET Humanitarian Award during the nationally televised BET Awards 2017 event.  24-year-old Chancelor Bennett who goes by the stage name Chance, is a secular hip-hop recording artist but is known for passionately giving props to Jesus whenever he is given accolades.  Chance is also well know for his social activism and philanthropy having donated a million dollars to the Chicago public schools, led a  campaign to give clothing to the homeless and led efforts to get people to the polls on Election Day Last fall.

The former First Lady said in a video played during the event, “We are so incredibly proud of you.  We have known Chance and his family since he was a wee little baby rapper and it has been a thrill watching him come into his own in so many ways.”




Celebrate Juneteenth!

It’s fun to imagine the surprise and excitement our grandparents’ grandparents  experienced when they heard the news that slavery was over!  The day that announcement was first delivered to former slaves is what we celebrate on June19th also called Juneteenth.  Here are some of the facts:

  • Although President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, the order was ignored for two and a half years in the south while the Civil War was being fought. Juneteenth celebrates the first announcement when many blacks heard for the first time they had been freed.
  • More than 200 cities across the nation celebrate Juneteenth in some way, from all day festivals to week long events.
  • Barbecue and strawberry soda have become associated with Juneteenth celebrations around the country.
  • A modern-day movement has been launched to urge more people to recognize the importance of the day and its role in American history and culture. 

Feel free to give us the Juneteenth story passed down in your family or your Juneteenth celebration idea in the comment section below .  Listen to Praise 107.9 to hear more Junteenth fun facts.