3 Best Tools

We all use tools. Whether we are fixing a car or cooking, cleaning or moving something heavy.

So, what tools have you found that are the most essential.

I have 3 essentials. I keep these with me all the time.

  1. Duct Tape. It can seemingly do everything. Hold stuff together, hold things apart, seal, separate, cover, expose…this stuff is priceless!
  2. Vice Grips. Use them as a wrench, a hammer, pliers, virtually anything you need. It may the only tool specifically designed to get you out of trouble. Have a stuck nut? If vice grips can’t help youj loosen it, they will help you break the thing off. Use it to wiggle something back and forth till it just breaks off…
  3. Plastic Zip ties. Secure just about anything right away. And it holds! Then, just cut it off when you no longer need it. It’ll cost you 12 cents per use. Brilliant.

Callers said Rubber Bands are vital. From sealing off bags in the fridge to holding hair. Or even Super Glue! From holding a cut finger together to sealing up a rip in your upholstery, it sure comes in handy.

Have a tool we didn’t think of?

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