72 Year old Graduates from College!

An older graduate with his mom in a wheelchair while she holds his diploma

Sam, who lives in Georgia recently graduated from College. It took him a bit longer than typical graduates, but life happens.

72 years of life to be exact! By the time he walked across the stage to receive his College Diploma, Sam was 72 years old! And guess who was cheering him on…. his 99 year old mom!

Sam graduated high school in 1969 and never even considered going to college. Then after 40 something years in the workforce, he heard a radio commercial about getting a degree in Script Writing and decided the time to go to college had come.

He enrolled and said he had a pretty hard time remembering how to learn at first. After all, it had been over 40 years since he was in a classroom. Sam said his classmates, most 50 years younger than him, took him under their wing and helped him out!