93 Year Old Summits Yosemite

Three people sitting at the top of Yosemite

Everett is 93 years old. What does a 93 year old want for his birthday? To climb a 9 thousand foot rock!

Everett said this was the first thing that popped into his head when he was asked what he wanted to do for his birthday. So his son and granddaughter went with him to Yosemite and they climbed it together! Sometimes the two had to help Everett up the steeper parts, but he had been training for months! He would go up and down stairs and was walking miles to prepare.

It took them a day and a half to get to the top, but Everett said it was all so worth it and he was so happy!

His son said he was glad he could help and said his dad is “Stubborn as a mule!”