Alexa vs. Google home

Voice activated smart technology is all the rage right now.  You might just see it under your Christmas tree this year. The two major players are Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.  The question a lot of people have is, which is better?  In our research, it seems to be a matter of opinion in most areas.  Amazon’s nicer unit, the Amazon Echo and the Google Home offer the best audio quality of any of the voice activated devices.  Hopefully however, you’re using your smart home device for more than just music.

With the Alexa you can order things online using your Amazon Prime account.  With both Alexa and Google Home you can ask them to be your alarm clock, set timers, find out the local weather or the weather for another city you plan to visit.   If you have more then one, you can use them as a home intercom system or even check in on your mother or the kids when they’re away at college.  With add on smart outlets, smart switches, smart hubs and other equipment you can ask it to turn lights on and off, ask it to change the TV channel to your favorite show, open and close your garage, lock the front door and set your home security system.  The good thing is you can add more smart outlets and other add on equipment gradually.  Better news, both Amazon and Google will likely continue to make improvements on what smart home technology can do.  Best news, you can say “Play Praise 107.9 from Tune In Radio” and it’ll instantly start playing your favorite radio station!