Dad topic

Dad topic

So, Fathers Day can be awkward.

It seems to be a lot easier to talk to most Moms, than Dads. Dads just sort of….stare….with an enigmatic look on their face. Mainly because Dads don’t have a need to talk. We are just as comfortable sitting in silence…and prefer it to idle conversation about nothing.

Let me help. What you need is a sure fire topic of conversation that will engage Dad…then the ice will be broken and normal human conversation can follow. The topic?

When is the best time of day to mow the lawn.

Trust me. It will work.

Now, there are 2 main schools of thought on the subject. 1) Early evening and 2) Mid-morning There is a fighting difference between the two, but both have clear merits. If you are uncomfortable trying to explore those merits, just direct the conversation like this….

‘Obviously, the time to avoid mowing is in the heat of the day’. That will bring everyone together. But, beware. The reasons you would avoid the heat of the day are likely very different from Dad’s reasons.

His reasons? The grass is already stressed from lack of moisture and the potential for catastrophic damage is extreme.

Personally, I like mowing during the heat of a Jacksonville day. That way I can mow and water at the same time. Yes, I sweat that much…..

Happy Fathers Day