Feel Good Story

Woman hugging a female police officer. The officer is holding an award

We love our Law Enforcement Officers! They have to step in at people’s lowest point, they often get blamed, unfairly, for being the cause of trouble that we got ourselves into. All they’re doing is helping to keep us safe.

Officer Melissa Martin responded to a noise complaint on New Year’s Eve. When she arrived, Officer Martin found out the woman she encountered had just escaped an abusive relationship and recently moved into an apartment on her own. The woman told the officer she was struggling with mental illness and substance abuse. On top of all of that, she said she hadn’t eaten in four of five days, her refrigerator was empty.

The officer bough the woman groceries for the week with her own money! Officer Martin said, “I try really hard not to judge just try to help them in the situation that they find themselves. If the world would just treat people like they would like to be treated, how much of a difference might that make?”

Officer Martin has been recognized with an award for going “Above and Beyond the regular call of duty”. She sure does deserve that!