Four Kids Survive in the Amazon Jungle

A group of people in the jungle

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines about the kids that survived a plane crash in Columbia. The story is truly a miracle!

A plane carrying a pilot and co-pilot, a mom and her four kids crashed in the Amazon Jungle. The crash instantly ended the life of the pilot and co-pilot and critically injured the Mom.

The kids, aged 13, 9, 4 and 11 months, were hurt badly but not critically. Mom knew she didn’t have long and encouraged her kids to go look for food, water and help. They did. 40 days later they were rescued… 40 days on their own… in the Amazon Jungle.

The kids survived on foraged seeds, fruit and a bag of flour they took from the plane.

They were found by a rescue dog about three miles from where the plane crashed. The kids are fine overall. In need of medical attention, but fine.

Imagine the Mom, knowing she was not going to make it, encouraging her kids to go find help. Imagine the 13 year old feeling the responsibility of the younger kids.

Imagine the angels surrounding those kids as they wandered for more than a month!  How they must have had to work to keep those kids out of certain danger….and if those angels can do that for those kids….just think what they are doing for your kids.