Going Shoeless

Two pairs of bare feet in the sand

Do you need a reason to stop wearing shoes? Here’s one! There’s a guy named Mr. DeRuvo that had really bad bunions. His bunions were so bad that the doctors wanted to do surgery. Mr. DeRuvo decided to forgo the shoes to lessen the pain before his surgery. He soon found his life was simpler and less painful without shoes.

He says that going barefoot was enriching his life in ways he didn’t anticipate. He says he found comfort from the ground beneath him. “The tactile feedback just kind of makes everything else going on feel a little bit smoother,” he said.

He also claims there are spiritual benefits.  He says, “God says to Moses, ‘Take off your sandals, you know, this ground is holy,’” “Well, I kind of like to take that as far as it can go.”

Need a better reason to go barefoot?!