Good News Story

A man walking along a side walk

For years, Bill walked to work. 6 Miles!! Every single day! Rain or Shine! He used to ride a bike, but stopped when he got hit by a car. See, Bill is legally blind, so driving is out. That’s why he walked.

Christy noticed Bill walking on the side of the road every day and thought she should offer him a ride. She did and and then started picking him up every time she saw him. Then Christy started a Facebook group of people to help Bill out when she couldn’t be there. Now there are over a thousand people watching out for Bill and giving him a ride anytime they see him!

Bill said, “There’s a lot of good people in this world, all over the place.” It just took one person to see someone in need and do what they could to help.

Now, clearly in today’s world, we all need to be careful about putting ourselves at risk, but we also need to be that Good Samaritan.