Good People Winning the Lottery

A couple holding a big check form their lottery

We’ve talked about if we won the lottery, whether or not it would change us.

Many people who win an immense amount of money soon learn that they’re not equipped to handle that kind of money. Mainly because it changes them. Yea, it changes their lifestyle, but a lot of times it unfortunately changes who they are.

One couple said if they ever won, they knew exactly what they would do with the money. No they wouldn’t travel the world or buy anything luxurious… this couple wanted to have more room to invite Foster Children into their home.

Well, Kathleen and her husband found out they won the lottery and they brought home a little over $100,000! The wife’s first response was “What a great way to end summer!” (Since she’s a teacher).

What did they spend the money on? They built an attachment bedroom in their home so they would be able to have more room to house even more foster children!

It’s encouraging to hear!