Hero Bus Driver

A bus driver with one of the kids holding up pajamas

Remember certain dress up days at school? It was pretty embarrassing if you were the only one not dressed up, especially when you’re in 1st grade. It seems like your whole life is over!

Levi is in 1st grade and was waiting at his bus stop. The bus driver noticed Levi wasn’t his normal happy self and could tell that something was wrong with him. Levi began to cry and told the bus driver that he didn’t have any pajamas for pajama day at school.

When the bus driver finished the rest of his route, he went to the store, picked up a few pairs of pajamas and dropped them off to Levi at school! Levi said “I cried happy tears! The bus drivers heart is full of joy.”

Thank you to our bus drivers for all you do, especially when you go above and beyond!