How to Spot Skimmers & Avoid Scammers

How to Spot Skimmers & Avoid Scammers

We’re paying an absurd amount of money at the pump… the LAST thing we need is to get ripped off by a crook that has installed a credit card skimmer at the gas station pump.

It’s crazy how common these are! It’s a device that’s attached to any pay terminal, like a gas station pump, that reads and collects data from credit and debit cards.

Now that we know what exactly it is, here’s how to avoid them:

  • Stay aware – “Examine the speakers, monitor, lock, card reader, keypad and any other component for scratches, glue or other signs of tampering.”
  • Look to see if things are out of place –  “Holes that look out of place may be hiding a camera. Look for reflections indicating a hidden lens. Does a component look oddly out of place? It could be a color or material that contrasts other parts of the machine.”
  • Try to wiggle the card reader without inserting your card –  If it’s wobbly then don’t use it.
  • Check for security seals on gas pump panels – The seal will read as void if the door has been opened.

Want to avoid running your card through a machine at the pump?

  •  You can pay with your phone, holding it near the payment reader.
  • Download the gas station’s app to pay through it.