Lemonade Stand

Little girl at a lemonade stand holding lemondade

Seven year old Emouree lost her young mother unexpectedly. Her mother was her whole world. She is now living with her grandmother.

Emouree went with her grandmother to the cemetery to visit her mothers grave and saw that it didn’t have a headstone like most of the other sites. Her grandmother explained headstones are very expensive and they just couldn’t afford one. That didn’t sit well with Emouree, so she started a lemonade stand to raise money for her mother’s headstone.

Emouree said, “It felt like she was being left out.” People heard about the lemonade stand and Emouree’s story and they started pouring in money for the cause!

Then, a monument company heard what was going on and donated a headstone for Emouree’s mom! When all was said and done, Emouree raise $15,000 for the stand to help offset the funeral costs.

What an amazing little girl and amazing people who stepped up to help!