Moms, which side are you?

Mother carrying a child on her hip under tree limbs in a yard.

Mom, when your kids were babies, you’d reach down and pick them up and carry them about…which side of your body did you carry them on?   

I’m not a mom, but I tend to carry kids on my left side….

A study says the left side is the best side because it creates a natural social connection.  Experts believe that left cradling is the best way for a mother to notice and respond to a baby’s behavior, such as crying or laughter. In that position, important cues are directed to the right side of the mother’s brain, the hemisphere that is used for emotional processing.

Maybe science says that, but I say mom’s carry babies on their left side because the vast number of Moms in the world are right handed.  They leave their dominant hand free to do things with.