Monday July 30 is the deadline to register to vote!

We live in a country where we the people are given the power to elect our government.  It’s a system that is either copied or envied the world over.  Of course, this means nothing if you do not vote and you cannot vote unless you’re registered.

Monday is the first voter registration deadline of the 2018 election year.  If you:

  • Haven’t voted in a while and have been dropped from the voter rolls
  • Have never been a registered voter
  • Are new to the area
  • Have relocated within the area
  • Or want to change party affiliation

…if you want to be eligible to vote in the August 28th primary election.

Just stop by most public libraries and let them know you want to register to vote.  Downtown, they want you to come to the Supervisor of Elections office instead of the downtown library.