New Years Resolutions Actually Kept

Someone writing in their planner

It seems everybody makes New Years Resolutions, but few are actually kept. Need some ideas of resolutions that are obtainable and people have actually kept? We’ve asked our listeners and here are some of their answers:

  • Read or listen to the Bible in a year
  • Pay off home and live with no mortgage
  • Send more hand written ‘Just Because’ greeting cards
  • Take a year long break from Instagram
  • Walk (30 minutes a day, 100 miles a month)
  • Play 52 games of Scrabble with your spouse
  • Run 365 miles
  • Tithe
  • Learn to decorate an impressive cake
  • Be more mindful of posture (Learn back exercises and correct posture)
  • Learn the piano
  • Choose a word for the year
  • Learn American Sign Language
  • Make 12, one month resolutions to try out new habits (No phone for 30 minutes upon waking, stretching in the morning, praying for the same person every day)