Paragliding Miracle

Have you ever had a desire to go Paragliding? You’re just gliding through the air like a bird… Or this guy, who was more like Superman!

He was paragliding in South Florida, having a grand ole time when he noticed something kind of weird below him. He looked closer and saw it was a car almost totally submerged in a lake. Then he noticed someone clinging to the top of the car!

 He saw all of this while he was flying through the air! So he quickly landed by the lake and ran over to see what was happening. He realized it was an elderly woman on top of the car. She wasn’t strong enough to swim over, so she had no other choice but to hope the car didn’t sink any further.

When the paraglider saw what was happening he created a rope, threw it to the elderly woman on top of the car and pulled her back to shore.

The paraglider said, ‘I’m no hero. This is not about me. All Glory to God who used me and my friends to save that one life. God’s timing is perfect.”