Questions to ask before Marriage

A couple holding out their hands to show their weddings rings

You cant scroll through social media around this time without seeing at least one of your friends post engagement photos. Are you thinking about getting engaged, or maybe you already are? Here’s some good questions to ask as you gear up for marriage!

  1. Do you have a growing relationship with Jesus? Everything starts and ends there.
  2. Is there anything your )or I) are unwilling to give up once we’re married? You have to be okay with their answer.
  3. Can you handle me doing things without you? It’s a red flag if they don’t want you to have a life.
  4. Did your family use the silent treatment, calmly discuss disagreements, or slam doors conflict arose? Knowing how they were brought up is vital.
  5. What is the most you’d be willing to spend on things? Money problems are a root of discord. Agree on the handling of money, early!
  6. If we have children, are you willing to change diapers at 3am and miss an important meeting if our kid is sick?

You can never communicate too much!