September is Suicide Prevention Month

A logo for the Suicide Prevention Hotline

September is Suicide Prevention Month… Here’s a story to help us refocus this month:

A young girl, Trieste, was having a really bad day….during a really bad time in her life.
She had just gone through a very bad relationship break up. She was at work, but didn’t have a driver license so she depended on a friend to come pick her up and take her home…the friend didn’t show up that day.

After waiting for hours….She had to walk home and on top of that it was raining!

On her route home was a bridge over a very busy highway. When she got to the bridge, she stopped. She says, “I was just having one of the worst days of my life. And I was looking down at all the cars, just feeling so useless and like such a burden to everyone in my life that I decided that this was the time and I needed to end my life.”

Unfortunately many people feel this way….way more often than we realize….but in this case, right at that moment….someone drove by her and called out the window…”Don’t jump”.
Maybe what they said was flippant, but it really hit Trieste in the moment. She said, she thought…if a complete stranger cared enough to notice her and say something like that…then there could be hope.

She walked on home, started therapy and with the help of friends and family she is now beyond that and a healthy happy young woman.
You don’t know what’s going on in someone elses life. Today, be sensitive and watch for opportunities to speak into others lives….you’ll be amazed at how much is spoken into yours….