Siblings Saving Lives

2 little girls sitting together

We hear and experience a lot of sibling rivalry. It’s only natural.

But the truth is, no one protects you quite like your sibling. Take Amy, for instance, she’s 7 years old. Her grandfather picks her and her 3 year old sister up from school. They were on the way home when a guy rips open the door and demands granddad get out of the car, he’s going to steal the car! With the kids in the backseat!

Granddad starts to fight with the guy, but he pulls granddad out onto the street and gets in and drives away. Granddad his head on the pavement and is trying to maintain consciousness when he heard his granddaughters crying.

The seven year old sister saved her younger sister form the carjacker! While granddad was fighting with the bad guy, Amy grabbed her little sister and got them out of the car.

Turns out the bad guy crashed the car not too far away and was chased down in the woods by a K-9 unit.

Our siblings may give us a hard time, but no one will take care of us like they will!