The 5 Major Habits that will Improve your Longevity

two women sitting on a park bench

Experts have listed the 5 things we all need to do to improve our longevity:

  1. Move your body regularly – Exercise is good, but can also cause problems. At least move your body regularly. Walk, bike, keep the blood circulating and your body as flexible as you can.
  2. Engage in social activities – Keeping up personal relationships goes a long way towards keeping our minds sharp and keep us content with life. (Just an fyi, Social Media is not a fitting replacement for interpersonal social activities.)
  3. Do what you can to reduce controllable stress – No, you cant control all sources of stress, but do what you can to control what you can.
  4. Challenge your brain – Just like any other muscle, if you stop using it, you tend to loose it! Keep your brain sharp, challenge it! Read, play word games, play a musical instrument!
  5. Make time for the things you enjoy – We can get caught up in doing what we must, and stop doing what we love.