Try Something New

Try Something New

Do you ever want to do something, but you hesitate because you are afraid you may not be good at it?

We’ve all been there, but how will you know if it’s something you can do, if you never try it?!

Here’s a guy who wasn’t sure he was any good at it so he took a step of faith and it anyway…problem is he wanted to rob a post office.

Turns out he’s not any good at it. He did make off with a small amount of money… but when he got back out to his car, he realized he left his car keys in the post office!

Incase you were wondering, when a post office is robbed, there is a standard protocol to lock the place down. So the guy tries to go back in to get his keys, but the post office doors are locked.

The employees said the guy literally begged to be let back in so he could get his keys,

It turns out he didn’t need his keys…. the Police were happy to give the guy a ride…