WD 40 does it all!

What is your go-to household product that can pretty much do it all?  


Sure WD 40 is an all purpose lubricant and water displacement tool…(Water Displacement – formula #40 is where the name came from) But consider these little known uses…

  • Ever get bugs splattered all over your front grill and bumper?  They are hard to get off.  Spray your grill with WD 40.  The bugs will literally slide right off
  • Ever get gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe?  Spray it with WD 40 and let it sit for a minute or two…
  • Do your kids ever….accidentally get crayon on the walls?  Spray with WD 40 and wipe
  • Ever get paint from freshly painted lanes on the road up on your car?  Maybe someone scraped a little of their paint onto yours in a parking lot?  Spray with WD 40, let it sit for a couple minutes and wipe with a clean rag
  • It’ll soften leather, clean paint brushes and a lot more.  
  • It’ll even stop that door from creaking like a horror movie!  
  • Try it, you’ll thank me