What that Stain Really Means..

What that Stain Really Means

We all have that one family member that can’t seem to eat a meal without getting half of it on their shirt. I’m rolling my eyes just thinking of my brother. We make fun of him for getting ketchup and everything else all over his clothes, but science has something else to say…

Getting stains on your clothes is actually a sign of intelligence!

Think about eating… your brain is working hard to make sure that hamburger goes into your mouth and there’s a lot that comes with that one task. Your brain is telling your hand to pick it up, to move your arm, to open your mouth, etc.

So for those that get a little food on their clothes, it shows their brain has more important things to think about than eating. Bottom line, the more unorganized your brain is, the more intelligent you are.

Wear that little dollop of ketchup as a badge of honor!