When you lose your child

People waling around a city

It’s a lot more common than many of us would like to let on, but losing your child is pretty common… and so scary!

A mom was at a festival in her home town, turned away for one second, and her little girl wasn’t by her side when she turned back. That’s how it always seems to happen.

The mom started yelling the little girl’s name, “Lilly! Lilly!” But then the mom remembered a post she saw on TikTok of what you should do if you can’t find your child. You should call out something noticeable that everyone else can see, not just their name. The mom started hollering “Little girl, Pink Minnie Mouse Shirt!” Other people started hollering the same thing. She was able to find her daughter … oblivious of how terrified her mom was … just playing.

It’s scary to think about ever being in that situation, but if you are, remember to call out what they look like of their wearing, not just their name.