Who needs a hug?


Do you ever see somebody and realize…that person needs a hug? We all do from time to time, don’t we?

This is a story about a guy, who is a garbage truck driver, who saw a woman walking down the street and he realized…she needed a hug. He said, “So, I hugged her.”

The driver said “Any time you see somebody walking around with everything that they own, talking to themselves—I don’t know. It just took over me”. He also gave the woman what cash he had.

The whole thing, as most everything is these days, was caught on film from a nearby Deli. The Deli owners posted the video and asked for the driver to came by…they want to buy him lunch.

The post caused others to realize there are hurting people all around us everyday. Do we notice them? Better yet, do we react to them?

I’m going to use this story to inspire me to reach out when I feel that tug in my spirit. No telling what can start from that simple act of obedience.