Women’s History Month

Garden with water fountain

March is Women’s History Month. There’s no shortage of incredible women who changed the world… but what about here in Jacksonville? Did you know the Cummer Art Museum was a gift from a local woman named Ninah Cummer? 

Mrs. Cummer organized relief after the fire of 1901 and as a Red Cross volunteer during World War I. In 1910 she was elected president of the Children’s Home Society of Florida, a position she held for 30 years. She even organized the first Garden Club of Jacksonville in 1922 and was offered the presidency of Garden Clubs of America, but declined the honor, so that she could focus on the Jacksonville community. 

Along with others, Ninah planned the development of Memorial Park. Even in death, Ninah Cummer held true to her legacy of conservation, beautification, and city planning, donating her personal home, which housed an impressive art collection, and the beautiful garden she’d spent her life caring for to the city and residents of Jacksonville. With many additions over the years, her home has become the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens.

In coming days, we’ll look at some awesome women-owned businesses in Jacksonville. It’s important to honor our history, but it’s equally important to take notice of those making history now!