The kids this ministry impacts have needs, certainly spiritually but also physically.  We seek to follow Christ's example by ministering to their physical as well as spiritual needs.  Every month we will gather a necessity to hand out to the kids the last Saturday of the month.  We will recognize their achievements at school, at church, in their family and hand out what we can to meet their needs.  The schedule is below.  Please prayerfully consider contributing every month.  Drop off all donations at:



Visit the website at

The NEW Praise 107.9 is proud to support a vital ministry for our area.  Kidz Extreme reaches into at-risk communities in Jacksonville and brings the light and love of God.  We feed, encourage and mentor children in communities that have suffered multi-generational hardship.  Help us turn that tide, break that cycle and let these children know that there is a better way.  It is making a difference in our area and we invite you join us.

We go to Washington Heights and Eureka Gardens every Saturday and shower love and teaching on these kids.  You can help 3 ways.

  1. Pray for this ministry and these kids made in the image of God
  2. Give financially to help reach more and more kids.  Only $3 per week per kid!  
  3. Volunteer and come out to experience the ministry.  Call (904) 861-2776 for details

To find out how you can help or to donate either funds or material, please call (904) 861-2776  

Visit the website at