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Swapping Sins? No thank you!

So Jared Fogle has been sentenced to 15 years and 8 months for the multiple charges of child pornography and other stuff. Interestingly in offering up his defense, Fogle’s lawyer, Jeremy Margolis, said Fogle “traded a horrible food addiction for a horrible sex addiction.” Wow! I think the same thing can be said of a […]

Be like Cam! Praise Him Anyway!

From the looks of things it seems like celebrations are under attack. That is not just in the NFL. The trigger point occurred on Sunday, when Carolina panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton celebrated a touchdown by “dabbing” on them in the end zone. The critics were led by a mother who said she didn’t know […]

Get Healthy Even During the Holidays

Ok so Thanksgiving is coming. We already know that most of us will began to overdo it from now until the end of the year. Well, just because we love to eat doesn’t mean we can’t still be healthy as well. Here’s some tips to get started: Power up w/Pastor Terry

Charlie Sheen Shocker Common in Christianity

Just the other day, famed actor Charlie Sheen told the world he has HIV. What’s most interesting is that after his diagnosis he continued to have sex with partners unaware of his status. Before we jump on him, let’s consider for a second how many Christians do the same thing. Too many of us know […]