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So Did You Hear w/Jenn Weeks on The Power Up!

Well I guess you won’t take this purse! Click the link for the story and listen as Jenn takes us in!

The Power Up Chats w/William Wilson

He’s the first African-American to win a NASCAR Championship Ring. Listen to his story of perseverance and pursuing your goals. #BlackHistoryALLYear

The Obama’s official presidential portraits are revealed

After every presidency, official portraits of the former President and former First Lady are commissioned as part of official American History.   These are the first ever official presidential portraits created by African American artists and the first ever employing contemporary art.  

Jacksonville’s Omarosa Newman is a contestant on Big Brother

Omarosa Newman, aka Lady O of The Sanctuary at Mt. Calvary,  is competing to become the winner of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS.  If you’ve never seen Big Brother, contestants are moved into a very large house.  Each week at least one contestant is voted out by the housemates.  Often secret alliances are formed between […]