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"Standing in the Gap with Pastor Monica" is a live radio broadcast on Praise 107.9 that listens to its listeners. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, On-Air Host, Pastor Monica takes prayer requests and praise reports from 11:00pm - 1:00am. Empowering topics are shared such as "Dealing with Disease & Dis-ease," "Church People Hurt by Church People," and "Ha-Hallelujah: Healing through Laughter." Pastor Monica chooses just the right songs as therapy to the soul and prays with callers whether on-air or off-air as healing to the Spirit. She uses her own experiences, education and edification by God in overcoming chronic disease, depression and family discord to stand in the gap for others and pray and encourage them through it all. And continues to pray for them without ceasing.

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About Pastor Monica

Pastor Monica offers real truth through the voice of reason.  For over 25 years she has worked passionately to improve the lives of people in transition navigate their pathways forward.  Teens, individuals and families in crisis have come to trust and rely upon her no judgment pastoral counsel. Her close colleagues and friends affectionately call her the “People Whisperer” due to the wonderful peace God overflows through her to others to assist in calming their storms. She serves as the Confidant and Counselor to several Clergy, Entertainers, Professional Athletes, Veterans maintaining strict confidentiality and timeless trust. This Woman-of-God is an experienced preacher, teacher and ministers within worship experiences at churches, revivals, conferences and community outreach activities throughout the United States, as well as abroad in West Africa and the West Indies. She is also known for her love of music from Bach to Tupac and beyond.

As the Lead Pastor of Worship Worldwide Ministries, Inc., she has worked to expand God’s imprint on the world utilizing this domestic and international outreach ministry since 2007. Pastor Monica has earned a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Sacred Theology.  While at Drew Theological Seminary in Madison, NJ she received ‘The Rev. Spearing Randolph Prize’, for her pioneering spirit, powerful preaching skills and outstanding pastoral leadership.  She also received ‘The Dr. Graybeal Community Award’ for her innovative, creative and impacting ministry within communities.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Counseling from the University of Alabama.  And she is a proud Veteran of the United States Army.  Most importantly, her soul’s desire and eternal goal is to please God daily, serve His people without judgment, preach His Word tirelessly and increase Christ's Kingdom.

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