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Why Advertise on Radio?

  • Radio advertising targets the audience you want to attract. Your advertising goes directly to the people you want to hear it.
  • Radio advertising can be extremely effective, but proper planning and placement is essential to increase your business public awareness and sales. That is exactly what The Praise 107.9 FM will do for you and your product. The Praise 107.9 FM is a superior service and value!
  • Contact our sales team today to obtain the best possible rates for your radio advertising needs. Let us help you place your radio advertisements where the people you want will hear all about your product and services.

We want Praise 107.9 to help your business. If you want more customers, we can help you. Please call one of our business growth experts today!

We have a few openings in our schedule to broadcast your sermons and bless the huge FM audience listening to Praise 107.9.

We want Praise 107.9 to help your mission. If you have an event coming to your church, we want everyone in our Praise family to know about it! Please contact one of our event marketing experts today.

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