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Praise 107.9 was started by a group of believers who want Jacksonville to have the very best in gospel music and ministry. We aim to encourage, entertain and edify the listener. Gospel music is unique in that it provides a very personal and at times emotional encounter. We believe the positive and uplifting message presented will help you keep your eyes on what is most important throughout your day.

If you read Psalm 107.9 (the book of Praise) you will see: “For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.”

We believe that to be true and have experienced that in our own life. We are instructed to ‘seek ye first the Kingdom of God’ and to ‘abide in the Him’. We desire Praise 107.9 to be a resource that helps you keep your mind on Him!

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New Doritos Release

It must work… taking our favorite foods and changing up the flavors. It seems like everyone is doing it. So who’s the latest to follow this trend? Doritos.

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4 Million Bucks

Let’s say you’re handed four million dollars today. That’s four million after taxes. Four million to do as you please. What would your reaction be? This guy who

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Birthday Party Invite

How are you at writing Thank You Notes? I’m pretty good at it, Gary is pretty awful. We can all understand the importance.. I think it would be

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All this talk about football, but there’s a Regional Little League Tournament happening right now! I only bring this up because of what happened at one of the

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