A weather photo of a hurricanes path

New Hurricane Category

It feels like the last hurricane season just ended and before we know it, we’ll be preparing for the next one. Scientists are thinking about

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A Bald Eagle sitting in a nest on their eggs while it snows.

Bald Eagle Nest

The latest viral video on the internet is actually one you may want to check out. It’s the newest Bald Eagle nest, this time in

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The Logo for AT&T

AT&T Apology

AT&T has apologized for its massive outage that left customers unable to make calls, send texts, or access the internet last week. More than 74,000

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A bus driver with one of the kids holding up pajamas

Hero Bus Driver

Remember certain dress up days at school? It was pretty embarrassing if you were the only one not dressed up, especially when you’re in 1st

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Two pieces of fillets

Rising Prices

Oh boy… you might need to change your diet up! (That is if you eat a lot of beef) Beef prices are expected to climb

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A pile of garbage

Local Heroes

A woman was doing her part for the environment, dropping things off at a recycling facility. In the midst of separating plastic and paper, her

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