Mental Health

We’ve all heard about recording artist Mandisa passing last week. No cause of death has yet been revealed, but we know Mandisa was very vocal

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A woman holding a new born baby in a hospital

Surprise Birth

I have never heard of anything like this! A woman was enjoying the glorious riches of a Golden Corral Buffet, when she started having some

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A little kid on top of their dad's shoulders

Creative Dad Stories

Father’s Day is on Sunday, so we remember the things dad did to keep us in line… and entertained! After all, dad’s are the best

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A student and teacher standing by eachother. The teacher is holding up a sign that says "Do you want to share my Liver

We love our teachers!

We often talk about how special our teachers are… none more so than Carissa. Carissa is a pre-school teacher who had a student a couple

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A 5th grader holding up an award

Good News Story

 I love when our good news story has to do with kids…  Daken, a 5th grader found out his classmate had a pretty large lunch

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House Hold Chores

Here we are entering summer and we realize… that gym membership hasn’t been used since February and we have to put on a swimsuit. That’s

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Someone wiping down counters with cleaning supplies

Mom Was Right

All mothers, whether they realize it or not, teach their kids the importance of cleanliness. Cleanliness is next to Godliness! Now science is catching up

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