Be like Cam! Praise Him Anyway!

From the looks of things it seems like celebrations are under attack. That is not just in the NFL. The trigger point occurred on Sunday, when Carolina panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton celebrated a touchdown by “dabbing” on them in the end zone. The critics were led by a mother who said she didn’t know how to answer her daughter when she began asking questions about the celebratory dance. we have all seen it though. Big plays and even bigger exhibits of joy and excitement. Some are taunting and unsportsmanlike in nature. The vast majority that I have seen however, are fun and good natured. What I like the most is that Cam is unbothered by his critics. He refuses to stop his celebrations.

I wish more Christians were like Cam. Too often we let things keep us from praising. Problems, people’s judgements or the music stopping can all cause us to stop our praise. The psalmist declares in Psalm 71:23 (CEV) “You have rescued me! I will celebrate and shout,singing praises to you with all my heart.” Nobody but you knows exactly what God has done for you. So praise Him for yourself. Be like Cam! Don’t let nothing stop you!

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