Charlie Sheen Shocker Common in Christianity

Just the other day, famed actor Charlie Sheen told the world he has HIV. What’s most interesting is that after his diagnosis he continued to have sex with partners unaware of his status. Before we jump on him, let’s consider for a second how many Christians do the same thing. Too many of us know we have issues, tendencies, problems and sins we are comfortable with. Yet when we engage in relationships with other believers we give no regard to the fact that we should let them know our “status” before they get involved with us. How much damaged has been caused to others because we haven’t been honest about our issues? How many relationships affected or destroyed? Too many I am sure. Let’s protect one another by not exposing folk to our issues without fair warning. If you are cra-cra, relationally challenged or stuck in your favorite sins, then be honest about it. Don’t let others “catch it”. That’s the first step. Second is your deliverance!

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