I ‘Saw’ a fish!

Have you ever chosen to vacation someplace specifically because they offer something you really want to do…and then you get there and it doesn’t happen? Disappointing, right?

There’s this guy from England who came to Florida on vacation specifically because he wants to catch a shark. Florida is a great place for shark fishing.

He went out on a charter and tried to catch a shark….but didn’t hook one.  Can you imagine the let down? He came all this way…and all he could manage was a 13 foot sawfish!  A 13 FOOT SAWFISH!

These are incredibly rare fish with a nose that resembles hedge clippers…Apparently they get into a school of fish and start thrashing about with this hedge-clipper-like nose.  It stuns the fish and they sink to the bottom.  Then the sawfish, with his mouth on his underside, comes along and scoops up his dinner. 

I always thought it was a myth, a legend, a cartoon fish…not real. It’s real! It was a catch and release, but they got plenty of video. Ever seen one?  

So he gets back home and everyone asks, ‘did you catch a shark?’ He says….no, but I ‘saw’ a fish!