Seaweed Blob

Blobs of seaweed along a beach

It’s all over the local news here in Florida, this missive seaweed blob that’s supposed to cause havoc. They’re saying there’s going to be a lot of the seaweed and that it smells like rotten eggs… they say it smells so bad that it literally sickens people. GROSS!

This seaweed blob has made its way to other places, too. like Cancun. That’s where Omar is from. When this plague hit, someone had clean it up. While most complained. Omar saw an opportunity.

He started mixing the dead seaweed with mud and clay and other substances found there-about and he fashioned bricks out of them. Them he started to use the bricks to build things… like buildings!

He’s taking a naturally occurring substance and putting it to use! Something literally everyone saw as uselessand he is building good things with it!