USA Mullet Championship

USA Mullet Championship

Some fads we would love to see come back! And others we’d love to go just go away.

One fad that is back (if you hadn’t already noticed) is the Mullet Hairstyle.

My youngest brother wanted one and my mom said “Not until after your sister’s wedding!” … and what did he get right after the wedding… a mullet!

I promise it’s not just my redneck family that’s intro this fad, but people from all over. They’re so popular that there’s a USA Mullet Championship! The break it up in age groups (so it’s fair, of course).

Guess where one of the Teen Fanilists is from…. Hilliard County, Florida! Just past Callahan! Way to make your home town proud!

His mullet could give Joe Dirt a run for his money!