What if you won the Lottery…

There’s a lot of talk about the Powerball right now, and rightfully so. The winning pot is over $1.9 Billion!

This guy in China didn’t win quite that much, but he did win $30 Million. When he went to claim his prize, he wore a mascot suit so no one would be able to identify him. I completely understand that EXCEPT, he doesn’t even want his family to know he won.

He said, ” I haven’t told my wife or child. I am concerned that they may feel superior to other people and will not work or study hard in the future.”

Did you know you have a 1 in 292.2 million chance at winning the lottery. That means you’re five times more likely to naturally have quintuplets (that’s five kids at the same time) than win. Since that’s the case, if you win, I can understand the compulsion to feel you’re extra blessed or have been singled out somehow and you don’t have to live a normal life. I totally get that!

I would HAVE to tell my family. Otherwise, it’s like living a separate life! Good thing I’ll never have that problem.