Who would you Wrestle a Bear for?

Who would you Wrestle a Bear for?

Here’s a scary story for Halloween…

Two college students who are wrestling teammates go out hunting. One of the guys was walking along when he heard this crashing of limbs. He turned around and saw his buddie being attacked by a bear!

What are you supposed to do?!

He said first he tried shouting to scare it away. Then he threw rocks at the grizzly. Didn’t work. He had no other options so in true wrestler fashion, he jumped on the bear to distract it from attacking his friend any longer.

Sure enough, it worked! The bear turned his attention from the first guy to the guy that was attacking him. So then what…. the guy said he just played dead, “I remember curling up”, and it worked!

At that point, that’s the best thing you can do. It turns out, it’s best to play dead during a Grizzly Bear attack. You’re supposed to cover your head and neck with your hands and arms and lay flat on your stomach.

Both guys were evacuated by helicopter and are being treated at the local hospital. I’m not sure who I would wrestle a bear for… that’s a solid teammate!